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Overview of Instructional Quality Process

The purpose of the MPH@UNC instructional quality process is to ensure high quality teaching. This is done by supporting adjunct faculty in their roles as teachers, and by making continuous improvement to the program as a whole.

Instructional Quality Process

The instructional quality process includes multiple components, and several takes place each term (January, May, August, and September). 

I.  Observations of Live Sessions 

A sample of new adjunct faculty members’ recorded live sessions is viewed by the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator.

II.  End-of-Term Student Evaluations

All adjunct faculty members are evaluated by students each term they teach. Adjunct faculty receive through campus email information about where to find the end-of-term student evaluations. The lead faculty member receives a copy of the results and are expected to debrief the results with the adjunct faculty. The outcome of this conversation can help improve the quality of the course by taking into consideration both student feedback and adjunct instructor input.

III.  Weekly Feedback Tracker

All live session instructors teaching with the MPH@UNC program are asked to set up a weekly reminder on their calendar for the day after their live session to complete, utilizing the Feedback/Iteration Tracking document. This weekly tracking sheet helps instructors document changes identified in the course. At the end of the term, instructors are expected to share the sheet with the Course Coordinator or lead faculty. The lead faculty will review the items recommended for iterations and will consider them in the course iteration process. 

IV.  Training Offerings

The MPH@UNC program offers training for all adjunct faculty members and Gillings course leads/section instructors on the 2U platform.  The training consists of self-paced modules as well as live training sessions with a Faculty Training Specialist. The training provides an introduction to the learning platform, live session preparation (Zoom), teaching preparation, and gradebook training.

Everyone teaching with the MPH@UNC program for the first time is provided support in the live session classroom for the first two live sessions. A Support Specialist arrives 15 minutes prior to the start of the live session and is available by audio and chat throughout the session.

Apart from the required training, there is also optional unlimited training and coaching for adjunct faculty while teaching with the MPH@UNC program (see under Professional Development & Training).

 V.  Hiring/On-boarding Processes/Term Starts

The Adjunct Faculty Coordinator assists new adjunct faculty through the hiring and onboarding processes. New adjunct faculty (and on occasion, Gillings instructors teaching with the program for the first time) attend the New Instructor Orientation. The orientation is held about 3 weeks before the term begins and covers a variety of topics (e.g., instructor’s role on the teaching team, FERPA training, LMS training, teaching resources, Student Success & Faculty Support teams, logistics).

Those instructors who serve as a course coordinator attend the Course Coordinator Meeting held about 3 weeks prior to the term start. This is an informal meeting for returning and new course coordinators to discuss best practices and review roles and responsibilities.

VI. Resources & Faculty Support

Adjunct faculty participates in scheduled Teaching Team Meetings at least two times over the term. These meetings are attended by other section instructors teaching the same course (if relevant), the course coordinator, and occasionally, the lead faculty. The topics cover any teaching-related issues (e.g., assignments & course materials, coordination of grades, live sessions questions, pedagogical approaches).

The MPH@UNC Lead Faculty is another resource for the adjunct instructor. The lead faculty develops the MPH@UNC courses, and can answer questions about course content and teaching the course material to students.

The Student Success Team assists instructors with student-related issues and/or questions (e.g., registration, add/drop questions, student performance issues, student absences).

The Faculty Support Team is another resource for adjunct faculty members. They provide technical support, training, how to use certain LMS platform and/or Zoom features, issues with connection, access, etc.

The Adjunct Faculty Coordinator provides general support and serves as a resource prior to, during, and beyond the terms.

The MPH@UNC program recognizes the important contribution of adjunct faculty members to student learning and to the quality of the program.