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The Assignment Schedule

Since one syllabus is used for all sections of a course, assignment dates need to be listed in a separate document. You can use the Assignment Schedule. The tool allows instructors to input a master assignment schedule with relative due dates and output an automatically-generated custom assignment schedule for each section, with dates and times that correlate to the appropriate section. You can then save it as a PDF and share it with students.

If you prefer to use the Course At A Glance page from the syllabus and adjust it manually instead, or have some other approach, this is fine as long as it is consistent across all sections of the course you are teaching. So if there are multiple sections of the course, please communicate with the other section instructors about the need for an assignment schedule. Whichever method you use to create a stand-alone schedule of due dates and assignments, the document should be posted in the Files section of the LMS and the Course Wall. Please make sure to have the schedule of assignments ready and available to students one week before class begins. If you have any questions about this tool or need help, please contact Andrew Ochs, Instructional Web Developer.

Rubric Generator

The Rubric Generator is an optional tool that allows instructors to create rubrics and score sheet them for individual student feedback. If you have any questions about this tool or need help to create a rubric, please contact Andrew Ochs, Instructional Web Developer.

Ecree writing assistance tool

Ecree is an online took available to all students enrolled in SPHG 713.  It provides real-time feedback on writing assignments.  There are two Ecree information/support sites; one for instructors and one for students

Core Course Syllabi

 Samples of core course syllabi for your reference (as we update frequently, these are not necessarily the exact syllabi being used but a good base for reference)

Voice Thread

Check your class syllabus if your course uses this tool.  Additional tutorials can be found here

Course Reserves

Course reserves are housed by the health sciences library and need to be copied over and activated each term.  Problems with access for both instructors and students please contact

Group Agreements

As you prepare for the first day of class, you might want to consider what ground rules you would like to establish with your students. Adjunct faculty member Katherine Turner has shared this slide. You might find it helpful too.

Chronicle of Higher Education articles:

Chronicle Article – How to Make Breakout Rooms Work Better 

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Best Practices for Teaching Online video

The video was created by former Gillings Instructional Technology Manager, Aiya Williams and tailored specifically to new adjunct faculty teaching with MPH@UNC.  Also see the following two PDFs:

“MPH@UNC Best Practices for Teaching Online”

“Questions to Prompt & Facilitate Online Discussions”

Keep Teaching website (ONYEN req’d)

Gillings’ Teaching Solutions

The Instructional & Information Systems (IIS) team at Gillings houses pedagogical and administrative solutions to common needs. These solutions provide tips and resources for structuring discussions, teaching remotely, scheduling office hours online, and more. From this site, instructors can also request a consultation with IIS using the link under “Contact Info” to discuss solutions to other needs that arise.