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Beginning in Fall 2023 (formerly August/September 2023 terms), the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms for MPH@UNC will be 14 weeks in length and include university well-being days and holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: the MPH@UNC Academic Calendar does NOT follow the University Undergraduate or the Residential Graduate Academic Calendars.  Please refer to the specific MPH@UNC Academic Calendars posted in this portal and contact your Academic Coordinator for program-specific dates and deadlines.

Deadlines for add/drop are included on the calendars, as well as the pro-rated tuition refund percentages.

The add deadline is the last day of Week 1 of classes.  The drop deadline is the last day of Week 7.


Spring 2024

Summer 2024


January Term 2023

May Term 2023 

Fall 2023


January Term 2022

May Term 2022

August Term 2022  (for newly enrolled students only)

September Term 2022