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FERPA Training

The institutional FERPA training is required for everyone who will be teaching with the MPH@UNC program. If you have created your ONYEN, you are ready to do the FERPA training. This will allow you to be added to the registrar’s approved “instructor” list in ConnectCarolina. You have to score 100 % in order for the training to be considered “complete”; you can take it as many times as you wish.  Make sure you’re using your UNC email address and are connected to the VPN before you try to access the training.  If you need to install Duo, see the following for more information: If you have any trouble installing the software on your computer, there are IT contacts on the page. You don’t need Duo or VPN for access to the 2U platform, but you will for ConnectCarolina (entering grades) and accessing Course Reserves.

Use your UNC email address

All official communication will go to your UNC email and it is the only email address used by the Registrar, Dean’s Office, grad school, and MPH@UNC program, etc. So if you plan on using another email, please set up a forwarding rule in your email. Both students and faculty are asked to use their UNC email within the LMS system.

Register your PID and ONYEN

Please fill out the following Qualtrics form with your PID, ONYEN, and UNC email address.

2U Training

Complete the 2U teaching online training, which will have great tips on how to set up and manage your weekly synchronous sessions and other important items.  There is asynchronous training and live 30 minute 1:1 sessions available.

Weekly Feedback Tracker

All live session instructors teaching with the MPH@UNC program are asked to set up a weekly reminder on their calendar for the day after their live session to complete Feedback/Iteration Tracking document. This weekly tracking sheet helps instructors document changes identified in the course. At the end of the term, instructors are expected to share the sheet with the course coordinator or lead faculty. The lead faculty will review the items recommended for iterations and will consider them in the course iteration process. 

Faculty Bio Webpage

We would like everyone teaching with the MPH@UNC program to be showcased on our faculty web site Please send a short bio and a headshot to Libbey Clayton ( and Jennie Saia (, and let them know you are a new adjunct with MPH@UNC.

“15 things veterans would like you to know” 

15 minute video providing insights into the military associated students in your classes, whether active duty, reserves, veteran or family member.  Click the “enroll now” button to view.