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Course Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities:

Please familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of the course coordinator role, lead faculty role and section instructor role.

Best Practices Document

Course Reserves:

Course reserves are housed by the health sciences library and need to be copied over and activated each term.  Problems with access for both instructors and students please contact

The Assignment Schedule:

Since one syllabus is used for all course sections, the assignment dates need to be in a separate document. You can use the Assignment Schedule (, but it is NOT required. The tool allows instructors to input a master assignment schedule with relative due dates and output an automatically-generated custom assignment schedule for each section, with dates and times that correlate to the appropriate section. You can then save as a PDF and section instructors can share with students. 

If you prefer to use the Course At A Glance page from the syllabus and adjust it manually instead, or have some other approach, this is fine as long as it is consistent across all sections of the course. So if your course has several sections, please communicate with the other section instructors about the need for an assignment schedule. Whichever method you use to create a stand-alone schedule of due dates and assignments, the document should be posted in the Files section of the LMS and the Course Wall. Please make sure to have the schedule of assignments ready and available to students one week before class begins. 

Student Absences/Course Drop Information: 

The Student Support team has created an information sheet addressing many questions related to students. Please encourage all instructors to use this form as a reference. If you have any questions about the information in the document, please contact Student Support directly at and cc respective Academic Coordinator: Joe Jacobs at or Sheneetra Wilson at

Weekly Feedback Tracker:

All live session instructors teaching with the MPH@UNC program are asked to set up a weekly reminder on their calendar for the day after their live session to complete Feedback/Iteration Tracking document. This weekly tracking sheet helps instructors document changes identified in the course, which might be considered in the course iteration process.

Early Alert Form:

The early alert form is a way to communicate a concern with a student’s academic performance to their Academic Coordinator and other Student Affairs staff.  Please complete a form if you have concerns about a student’s performance.  At week six of the term, all instructors are reminded to identify any students in their section which may be at risk for earning an “L” or an “F” in the course or who are having attendance issues by using this same application